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Driveway cleaning, sanding and sealing

Over time block paving can start to look old and tired due to heavy traffic or just from general soiling, especially in the winter months

Patio cleaning


Refresh your favorite home or garden area ready for the summer season or to clean up after the bar-b-ques with our Jetwash service for patios and walls

Decking cleaning


Decking is extremely susceptible to the build up of algae and moss from the winter months which leaves it looking green and unsightly which can also be dangerous due to the slippy residue underfoot.

Imprinted Concrete cleaning


Over time concrete driveways will loose their colour and in some cases become cracked and damaged from parking cars on over a long period.

Tarmac cleaning

Tarmac when first laid looks fresh but over time it will take on a dulled effect from the heavy traffic which often passes across it over long periods, especially in commercial areas such as office car parks, pubs and residential areas.

Gutter Cleaning


Our specifically modified, time efficient, high level gutter-cleaning systems have been specially developed for outdoor robust work. This replaces the requirement for expensive, inflexible and often undesirable time consuming cherry pickers and scaffolding.

Commercial cleaning

We offer a commercial cleaning service to all types of businesses including Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants and their outdoor areas, Garages, Shopping centres, Hospitals, Universities and schools, Sports areas, Farms, Stables and many more.



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